How to take a screenshot on iPad

That being said, today I’ll show you how to take a screenshot on your iPad regardless of the model.

There are two primary techniques of taking a screenshot on an iPad which are; the manual method and the assistive touch method. Here’s how it’s done.

If you are in a hurry: hold the top button and press the home button/volume button to take a screenshot ASAP. Here’s a more detailed explanation below.

Manual method

First step

Locate your power button – the button at the top of your iPad. Make sure you can see your home button too. For those using the 2018 iPad, locate your volume button.

Second step

Now, hold down the top button/power button.

Third step

While holding the power button, press your home button or volume button (for iPad 2018 users) and let go of the two.
You will hear a shutter sound, and your screen should flash rapidly signifying that the screenshot has been taken and saved. You will find the image saved in your gallery.

Assistivetouch method

This method makes it easy for you to take a screenshot without the use of button combinations. In fact, AssistiveTouch lets you do anything you would normally need button combinations to execute. Here’s how to take a screenshot using AssistiveTouch

First step

Go to setting, general – accessibility – AssistiveTouch

Second step

Turn on the AssistiveTouch toggle bar

Third step

Now that your AssistiveTouch is active tap the AssistiveTouch menu bar

Fourth step

Scroll to “Device” and tap more

Fifth step

Tap screenshot. The screenshot of the current page you are on will be taken and saved to your photo app.
Once you have taken the screenshot, you can edit and share it with friends and family or use it for whatever you want.


Those are the best ways to take a screenshot on iPad. Now, you can capture whatever you want whenever you want.
Have fun.

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