How to take a screenshot on Xbox One and Xbox 360

All gamers love to show off their new records and how they passed that difficult level while some want to show others how it’s done. Whichever group you belong to, taking screenshots of those intense gaming moments is fun and exciting.

Today, I will be showing you how to take screenshots on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

How to take a screenshot on Xbox 360

Taking a screenshot on the Xbox 360 is a little bit tricky because the feature wasn’t included in the game settings. So, to take a screenshot, you will need to connect it to your laptop and use a picture saving software.

Here are the steps to follow to take a screenshot on your Xbox 360

Step 1
Connect your Xbox to your laptop using an HDMI or RCA cable. Ensure that your graphics card supports Xbox. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to find one that does or settle with using your phone camera.

Step 2
Once you have connected it, your Xbox will send a signal to your computer and sync with it so you’ll be able to play your Xbox game on your laptop.

Step 3
Download Free Online Screenshot program and open it.

Step 4
Go to the programs main page and select take a screenshot.

Step 5
Click the camera icon and use your mouse to select and crop out the area you wish to screenshot

Step 6
Then release your mouse.

Step 7
A preview image will pop up for you to make the necessary changes if any.

Step 8
Save the picture to your desired folder.

How to take a screenshot on Xbox One

Taking a screenshot on an Xbox One is easier than doing it on an Xbox 360. This is a result of the new updates Xbox added to the game console. Make sure you have the latest updates for your Xbox One to use this feature. The Kinect update offers both voice recognition and screenshot features. There are two ways to do this one your Xbox One which I’ll show you shortly.

Here’s how to take a screenshot on your Xbox One.

Step 1
If your voice recognition is active say, “Xbox, take a screenshot.” It will automatically take a screenshot. Easy right? Well done

Step 2
An alternative way of taking a screenshot on your Xbox One is to double-tap any button on your gamepad. A screenshot menu bar will pop up, click the “Y” button and the screenshot will be taken immediately.

To share or save it to your phone, press the menu button on your gamepad and click on “share.” You can send it to OneDrive or twitter whichever you want.

So, those are the easiest ways to take a screenshot on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Now, you can share those amazing records with friends.


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