How to take a screenshot on a Mac

Taking a screenshot is one thing I know I can’t do without while using my laptop. Sometimes there are images you don’t want to download, and taking a screenshot is faster and easier.

There are many reasons why this small feature is useful, such as taking an instantaneous poof of a transaction or a fault for future reference. The bottom line is it’s important, and if you have been looking for a way to do so on your Mac PC, then you’ve come to where you’ll get your answer.

Taking a screenshot on your Mac laptop is just as easy as doing it on your Windows OS only the use of different commands and shortcodes.

There are three types of screenshots you can make on your Mac, a screenshot of the entire screen, a window, or a particular selection on the screen. Now, there are short you can do to achieve this, and that’s what I will be sharing today.

How to take a screenshot of the whole screen on your Mac computer

This is the easiest and simplest way of taking a screenshot. All you to do is:

Hold down the key: Command + Shift + 3 and you’ll hear a quick camera shutter sound immediately which signifies that the screenshot has been taken.

The screenshot saves immediately without letting you change the name. So, if you want to find your image, go to your desktop folder and find it saved as a png file following this format – screenshot/time/date.

How to take a screenshot of a selection on your Mac

This method is for those that don’t want to take a screenshot of the whole screen, only the vital information they need.

  • To do this, hold down the keys Command + Shift + 4. When you do this, your cursor will turn into a small reticule.
  • If you are using a mouse or a trackpad, left click and hold then drag your cursor to the area you want to screenshot and crop the specific area.
  • The screenshot will be taken once you release your mouse or trackpad.
  • If you make a mistake of cropping the wrong area, you can press ESC to start over.

How to take a screenshot of a window on Mac

  • To take a screenshot of a window or several windows on your Mac PC, hold down these keys Command + Shift + 4 + Space.
  • Immediately you do this you will notice your cursor turn into a camera icon and the whichever window the cursor is hovering over will be highlighted.
  • Now, highlight the window you want to screenshot.
  • Perhaps you are on the wrong window and want to find the right one, simply use F3 to array all your active windows and highlight the right one.
  • You can also press ESC if you’ve made a mistake to cancel.

How to save a screenshot on clipboard on your Mac PC

If you want to save a screenshot to your clipboard instead of your desktop all you need to do is hold the Ctrl key before performing any of the given commands above.

These are the simple and easy steps you need to screenshot whatever you need on your Mac computer.

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